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The Graz Schumpeter Lectures - Book Series

Joel Mokyr (2016), A Culture of Growth. The Origins of the Modern Economy. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Anthony B. Atkinson (2014), Public Economics in an Age of Austerity. London: Routledge.

Alan Kirman (2011), Complex Economics. Individual and collective rationality. London: Routledge.

Amit Bhaduri (2007), Growth, Distribution and Innovations. Understanding their interrelations. London: Routledge.

Richard N. Langlois (2007), The Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism. Schumpeter, Chandler, and the New Economy. London: Routledge.
John E. Roemer (2006), Democracy, Education, and Equality. New York: Cambridge University Press.  
Alan S. Milward (2005), Politics and Economics in the History of the European Union. London: Routledge.  
Duncan Foley (2003), Unholy Trinity. Labor, capital, and land in the new economy. London: Routledge.  

Erich W. Streissler (2002), Exchange Rates and International Financial Markets. An asset-theoretic perspective with Schumpeterian innovation. London: Routledge.
Ian Steedman (2001), Consumption Takes Time. Implications for economic theory. London: Routledge.  

Nathan Rosenberg (2000), Schumpeter and the Endogeneity of Technology. London: Routledge.

Brian J. Loasby (1999), Knowledge, Institutions and Evolution in Economics. London: Routledge.

J. Stanley Metcalfe (1998), Evolutionary Economics and Creative Destruction. London: Routledge.




Graz Schumpeter Society
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